Front-End Processor:

User interface with authentication, receipt of receipts. After invoice separation, the receipts are forwarded to the Logisth.AI backend for processing. The frontend is informed of the progress or any errors.

Logisth.AI Backend Engine

Processes the transferred document files from the OCR process to the creation of the results. Communicates with the interface server on the customer side. The results are placed in a queuing system for import.

Interfaces Server

This is installed in the customer’s infrastructure. Provides runtime information to the Logisth.AI backend engine and front-end processor. A company name with UID number can be displayed at the frontend for a customer number entered, or the backend can compare document information with the respective customer/vendor master.

Import Service

Takes the results from the backend engine and transfers them to the accounting systems.

Archive Server (optional)

Document upload and download with authentication and search functions.