Ready to use solution, ongoing product expansion and improvement

User interface
  • Employees and rights management
  • Also for customers - document portal as alternative to Dropbox & Co - incl. service document search (with option archive)
  • Display and selection of financial accountings and available document symbols
  • Document upload - 1 document per file or any number of documents in one file - any number of files
  • Proposals for bill separation
  • Preview of the documents with marking of the recognized data and correction possibility
  • Document Separation, Exchange, Split, Delete Pages
  • Default next document number for cash symbols
  • Support of external document number for ER/AR
  • Statistics: recognition rates, document types, usage
  • Automatic blank page recognition
  • Automatic rotation
Logisth.AI document recognition
  • High processing speed (approx. 1 second per document)
  • Recognition of suppliers/customers - comparison with the customer master
  • QR/Barcode recognition and evaluation
  • Check of UID numbers (checksum and validity)
  • IBAN/BIC Validation
  • Currencies with automatic conversion
  • Recognition of credit memos (sign reversal)
  • Outgoing invoice recognition at cash
  • Recognition of valid VAT rates
  • Reverse Charge
  • Learning of accounts and automatic delivery also for cash documents
  • Support for all common date formats
  • Marking of the found data for easy checking (can be hidden for printing the original document - original document is not changed)
  • Account - automatically deducted in case of cash
  • Recognition of any invoice formats without training
  • Special invoice formats with evaluation (product groups at Metro, Lekkerland) or salary forms and bank statements
  • Automatic rotation and alignment of documents
  • Cost centers
Transition to accounting
  • Automatic without manual intervention (Queuing System)
  • Notification by email
  • Import of the marked PDF documents or support of an external archive
  • Transfer including control codes
  • Consideration of periods (month/quarter), VAT exemption (adjustment of tax codes, VAT rates, and document date)
  • Single or split postings
  • Traffic light system for document control
  • Macro support for fast creation of new customers and easy maintenance of master data