What is Logisth.AI

Despite the technologies available today, such as face recognition and location-based services, documents such as invoices, delivery notes, patient notifications, etc. are not standardized.

These documents are often printed out several times – even if delivered electronically as a file – and finally manually entered into ERP or accounting systems.

This work is time-sensitive and error-prone.

Logisth.AI has set itself the goal of recognizing all types of documents and automatically transferring them to the respective customer systems. At present still manually controlled – at the end of the year already half of it booked automatically.

The vouchers are scanned or are already available scanned (transmission already as an electronic document from the customer) and are transmitted to Logisth.AI.

The recognition process runs in the background and automatically delivers the data to the customer system after completion. The user does not have to wait for the result, but can upload and edit further documents. After completion of a particular process, the results are automatically imported into the customer system and the user is informed by email.

The further processing of the delivered data is carried out in the usual environment (e.g. pre-entry posting of an accounting system).