About us

Xion IT Systems GmbH was founded in 2002 and has many years of experience in the development and operation of complex business software systems. Xion is geared to the individual needs of its customers.

The project team combines the know-how of the customer’s employees with the expert knowledge of Xion Software engineers to jointly develop the appropriate IT solution. This partnership-based approach enables a long-term, trusting and result-oriented cooperation.

As a manufacturer-independent company, Xion provides modern solutions and services in the IT environment. The total turnover in 2018 was approx. 2.5 million Euro, which was generated with about 20 employees.

The following points speak for Xion as a high-quality supplier for IT consulting and the implementation of projects:

  • Extensive experience in architecture design, implementation and rollout of complex, highly available software solutions based on the latest technologies.
  • Creation of complex web portals
  • Creation of distributed systems with several hundred client workstations and a high number of simultaneous accesses.
  • Creation of complex, safety-critical software systems in the area of public authorities, e.g. for the storage of search data, reporting data and complex workflow systems.
  • High-quality know-how in the field of process models and agile methods.
  • A quality management system certified according to ISO9001:2015 that describes company-wide requirements for project management, process models and test strategies and audits their implementation.
  • Experienced, certified project managers

Andreas Rektenwald

Managing Direktor – “100% Belegerkennung”

Our reference customers include well-known Austrian companies such as ÖBB and OMV.

The software product Logisth.AI for automatic document recognition was launched on the market in 2018. It allows customers to recognize scanned documents such as invoices within seconds and automatically post them using open interfaces.

Our managing director Andreas Rektenwald had the idea for the product, not least because of his sound education in the HTL for EDV and Organisation Spengergasse in Vienna, a mixed form between HTL and HAK, at that time among other things with the subjects bookkeeping, shorthand and typing. He also wrote his first accounting software at that time, programmed in “Clipper Summer 87”. He has also been involved in accounting tasks since 1991 in his role as managing director.

Back to his roots, he has set himself the goal of realizing a document recognition system that recognizes every document with a 100% hit rate, including machine learning. To illustrate this: If with each recognized document also only one information – e.g. the UID – is not recognized correctly, this results in a hit rate of 0%, and results in extensive manual rework.

He does not accept a “not possible” from technicians and searches even as a developer in front of the screen for solutions. He never loses focus on the market and its needs and thinks outside the box of his customers’ requirements. For example, it will be possible at the end of this year to post approx. 50% of the processed documents without control.

The success factors for the product development were thus special interest in the topic, benchmarking of the product idea in the circle of our customers and our many years of technological experience and industry knowledge.