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Logisth.AI is an innovative tool making accounting more efficient, faster and less expensive. This intelligent software tool recognises any kind of document, simultaneously copies it and automises
in Ihr Buchungssystem.

Logisth.AI enables live-accounting for you and your clients
Complete your existing booking system wtih Logisth.AI


Take the load off your accountants and free up resources

No more typing.
Receipts are automatically recognised.
The recognition rate is 90% and the program is always learning.

Allow your clients to get involved

The Logisth.AI customer area offers your customers a range of services, from the ability to upload and book receipts themselves to transparent book-keeping.

Reduce your workload through automated processes

Document recognition, filing and
maintenance of customer and
supplier data. All of this happens automatically
without you having to lift a finger.

Offer more value and become indispensable

The simplified workflow, the transparent book-keeping and the always-updated financial overview will become benefits that your customers won't want to be without.

Make a quality increase

No typing errors, validation of UID numbers, receipt separation, empty page recognition with completeness checks etc. combine to eliminate mistakes at their source through the implementation of Logisth.AI in your book-keeping system.

Use the efficient extras such as fixed cost subsidies

Our software in constantly being improved as needed.

Achievement potential

Documents in 1 hour
Scan rate


Correctly identified documents
Recognition rate


Yearly time saving
Time spent


Data protection


Customer testimonials
We value collaboration!


Work smart and automatically with Logisth.AI
Simple, effective and efficient!



Logisth.AI, tailor-made for the financial sector


Tax advisors

Made for the booking system, recognises relevant document data such as customer and supplier base. Data from invoices is intelligently sorted, for example by tax code or invoice period.

Financial service providers

This branch faces the challenge of placing themselves ahead of the competition on more than just price. One possibility is to expand the portfolio to offer more value propositions so that customers no longer just consider the basic price and changing to the competition becomes unattractive.

Other branches

Logisth.AI was developed to
be able to process every type of document. Recognition of receipts is the first use case. Documents can be linked to each other. In this way itemised invoices can be checked against delivery slips or orders for plausibility.

The history of book-keeping