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    Andreas Rektenwald

    CEO of Xion IT Systems GmbH
    and developer of Logisth.AI

    As the developer of Logisth.AI I know my product down to the tiniest detail. I am always happy to receive feedback, suggestions or ideas.

    Logisth.AI a product of Xion IT Systems
    Developed and always improving!

    Xion IT Systems GmbH was founded in 2002 and, as a company, has many years of experience in complex business software systems.Xion accommodates the individual needs of its customers.

    In the project team the know-how of the customer representatives is combined with the expert knowledge of the Xion software engineers to work together on effective IT solutions. This collaborative approach allows a long term, results-oriented working relationship built on trust.

    As a manufacturer independent company, Xion delivers modern services and solution in the IT sector. The total turnover for 2017 was roughly 2.5 million Euros, made with our team of around 20 employees.

    Our customer references include well-known Austrian companies such as ÖBB and OMV.

    In 2018 the software product Logisth.AI was brought to the market to automatically recognise documents; allowing customers to quickly recognise scanned documents such as receipts and automatically book them through open interfaces.

    The idea for the product came to our CEO Andreas Rektenwald in part due to his well-founded training at the HTL für EDV und Organisation Spengergasse in Vienna. This was also where he programmed his first book-keeping software, written in "Clipper Summer 87". Book keeping tasks have also been a constant companion since 1991 in his role as CEO.

    Going back to his roots, he set himself the goal of creating document recognition with 100% accuracy, utilising machine learning. To make the challenge clear: If there is one wrongly recognised piece of information on each document (e.g. the UID number) this creates a success rate of 0% and leads to a lot of manual reworking.

    He does not accept an "it can't be done" from his technicians and sits in front of the screen himself as a developer looking for solutions. But he never loses his focus on the market and its needs, thinking outside the box and beyond the requirements of his customers.


    Xion IT Systems is recruiting!


    Software developer for artificial intelligence/OCR/picture editing

    Further development of the Logisth.AI software in the fields of

    • Frontend (Web, Mobile)
    • AI back end engine
    • OCR character recognition together in a team

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    IT system engineer
    for Xion IT Systems GmbH

    As technical expert for Linux/UNIX-systems you answer for a smooth operation and administration of our software products. In this connection you have to deal with IBM- and x86 server technologies. You are required to maintain dedicated servers as well as cloud servers.

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    Linux-system administrator for cloud services in the field of artificial intelligence

    You have analytic skills, a high level of autonomy, deep interest in new technologies and an independent way of working.

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    Xion IT Systems is a dynamic enterprise and appreciates employees who are motivated and work independently. We offer flexibility and training opportunities

    You want to play a part in our company? Then we would love to get to know you!