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March 2021

Austrian grant "Fixkostenzuschuss 800.000" has entered the second round

Within seconds, calculate the optimal grant contribution for all variants of the periods under review
You can easily change the account association to Covid-groups and
implement period factoring of the current and past year.

Fast calculation of the grant with already existing authentic data and planning values
Calculation of all possible combinations and variants
Refund of compensational turnover versus Austrian grant "Fixkostenzuschuss"
Determination of best variant
...and again with just one click!

Initial situation:
The calculation of the Austrian Covid-19 grant ("Fixkostenzuschuss") means putting a lot of manual work into it. Already existing IT-/bookkeeping systems do not support an evaluation of data required for that. Calculation for each single application can take several hours.

Logisth.AI automatically transfers the final output to FinanzOnline in coordination with your customers.

Which advantage does Logisth.AI give me over other products?
The FinanzOnline system processes the application form automatically. Data and information are calculated and provided with the help of your booking system. However, the final output is then transfered to FinanzOnline once approved of by your client.

On the basis of the Austrian "Fixkostenzuschuss 1" grant

Approved fundings are:
Turnover according to Value Added Tax Act
Deduction insurance
Rents for offices
Operational insurance rates
Interest costs and loans
Capital loss of perishables
Other contractionally necessary operating liabilities to pay