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June 2021

Logith.AI at Tex Tech Conference 2021 in Vienna


Going Digital - Vorsprung für Kunden und Steuerberater in der Kanzlei

Digitalisation creates potential advantages in the market, tasks and processes that would not be possible without digital data or communication channels. In this context it is a matter of real innovations fundamentally changing our society. The digitalisation of society constantly increases; and that´s where the accounting department can profit. 
If possible digital applications are implemented in efficient processes, optimally aligned work areas and infrastructure, financial success is merely a matter of time.


Tax accountant and not data typist any more

The rapid development of digitalisation is related to numerous advantages. Routine activities are automated to reduce the amount of work. Due to direct forwarding of documents, automatic receipt recognition and receipt acquisition and also direct partition of receipts, work success is increasingly supported. These operations are carried out by scanners and not, as usual, by tax accountants. Control and advisory functions, however, remain with tax accountants.


Clients as employees

The symbiosis of clients and information has already reached digitalisation. Digitalisation offers clients an additional value, since receipts can be directly transferred online to tax accountants, plus direct access to all receipts is available. Transmission of data can be achieved through email or via an APP, thereby saving precious time and effort.


The following advantages for clients are the result of digitalisation:

  • Searching for or editing receipts at a moment´s notice
  • Transferring data LIVE into the accounting system
  • Paying receipts directly online



Digitalise now!

Needless to say, digitalisation brings along considerable changes, but basically neither tax accountancy nor bookkeeping are replaced by software programs. However, if you do not keep up with digitalisation, you will be squeezed out of the market by your competitors. Due to savings in time and resources through digitalisation/automatisation, it is possible to create efficient benefit for your client.


The digital system offers both better planning of finances and more flexible and faster communication, accelerating all work processes.

Through improved replacement and access to information, the process becomes more efficient. Due to rapidly transferred data and with the help of software, it is possible to compile an evaluation updated daily to give clients an exact overview.


Experience of Koll & Partner

  • No employees have been dismissed - on the contrary
  • Turnover and operating result have increased significantly
  • The amount of consultancy has clearly increased
  • Employees are more motivated and the employee turnover rate has decreased
  • Clients gladly accept the possibility of digital transfer of receipts and direct access to information about bookkeeping in the cloud
  • Clients always try to lower prices, but prices are kept stable